FAQ: How do I copy an Inspection on the Desktop

RedRabbit allows you to re-use data and photos captured during an Inspection for the following Inspection for the same Property. 

This will allow you, for instance, to re-use Entry Inspection data and photos when you conduct the Exit Inspection for the same Property. Instead of capturing everything from scratch you can now just review and confirm the copied data and only make changes where required, ensuring the current condition of the property is captured.

This process is normally done as part of the process to create a New Inspection.

Note: You can also copy an inspection using the Inspection App on your mobile device. This will allow you for instance to copy an Exit Inspection and re-use the data for a back-to-back Entry Inspection for the same property. Click here to see a quick video, and here for Andriod, and here for IOS. 

Steps to do this are as follows:

  1. Select Inspections from the main menu to display the Inspections List
  2. Click New Inspection to create a New Inspection record. Select the Property, Date, Type, and Inspector from the drop-down lists on the form. Click Next.
  3. On the New Inspection options panel displayed, you can now select the point of departure for the new inspection. Select the  Use previous inspection radio button and then select the Inspection you want to re-use from the drop-down menu (see example below).
  4. Tick Copy Photos if you also want to re-use the photos from the previous inspection.
  5. Click Create.

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