FAQ - How do I copy an inspection on an Android device

Inspection Data can be copied from one inspection to another allowing you to re-use an inspection including its comments and photos. This is a powerful feature that is especially useful when you are conducting back to back inspections and you might want to re-use exit inspection content for an entry inspection.

Some conditions and notes: 

  • It has to be for the same property (you can only copy from one inspection into another for the same asset)
  • The copied inspection must have a date and time that is before the date and time of the inspection it is being copied to (Exit inspection is scheduled for 10:00am - Entry inspection is scheduled for 12:00pm)
  • The inspection can be copied from the scheduled Or completed tab
  • Each copied photo will display a little white icon on the copied photo with a date time stamp to indicate that it was copied from a previous inspection
  • Comments and photos can be changed in the new inspection to match the current condition of the property. For instance, if a broken window has been fixed, change the condition from Broken to Undamaged and take a new photo as proof.

Follow these steps:

  1. On the Home screen locate the inspection you want to copy. Note that the Inspection can be in the list of scheduled or completed inspections.
  2. Long tap (press and hold down on the inspection) on the inspection to copy. Select Copy Checklist from the options list displayed.
  3. Navigate to the inspection you want to copy into and open the inspection.
  4. Select Checklist at the bottom to open the Checklist. A banner will be displayed at the bottom indicating that another Inspection has been copied to the clipboard. 
  5. Click on the Paste option that appears at the bottom of the screen. A list of copy options will be displayed on a pop-up menu.
  6. Use the toggle switches to select the copy options you prefer
    1. Replace the existing checklist - this option will replace the existing checklist items on the new inspection. Note - if you select ‘Replace Existing Content’ then ALL current items & photos will be permanently deleted so double-check to ensure that you are on the right inspection before pasting.
    2. Include photos in the copy - this option will copy the photos from the previous inspection as well
  7. Click Paste to complete the copy process

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