Inspection Dashboard

The Inspections Dashboard contains all the information related to a specific Inspection. You can navigate to the Inspection Dashboard as follows:

  1. Select Inspections from the main menu to display the list of Inspections
  2. Use the  filter fields to search for and find the Inspection in question
  3. Click the View button to open the Inspection Dashboard as shown below 

From the dashboard, you can access:

  • Inspection Overview Panel - general information about the inspection
  • Inspection Contacts Panel - contact information for the inspection
  • Maintenance Tickets Panel - maintenance tickets created to action inspection issues
  • Inspection Documents Repository - inspection reports
  • Inspection Checklist Results Panel - report on each checklist item as captured during the inspection in terms of the inspection toggles for damage, cleanliness, functioning as well as recommended actions, comments and photos.

In addition, the following features are available from the Inspections Dashboard:

  • Generate Report - use this option to create a professional inspection report that can be sent to the Landlord and Tenant
  • Compare - use this option to compare inspections for the same Property such as Entry and Exit inspections to identify deviations
  • New Ticket - use this option to create a Maintenance Ticket for a selection of Checklist items

  • Options - advanced options available from a drop-down menu
    • Reorder Areas - use this option to change the sequence of areas by dragging and dropping areas
    • Custom report - use this option to customise certain elements of an Inspection Report. You can select to include or exclude empty items, photos and signatures.
    • View Email History - use this option to display the list of Email messages sent from the Inspections Dashboard.
    • View Signatures - use this option to display a list of the electronic Signatures for the inspection.
    • Export Photos - use this option to export all the Inspection photos to a zip file stored under the Inspection Documents repository.
    • Change Property - use this option to change the Property for an Inspection when you have done the Inspection on the in-correct Property.
    • View Audit trail - use this option to display a list of audit trail entries for changes made to the Inspection.
    • Archive - use this option to archive the Inspection.
    • Delete  - use this option to permanently delete the inspection.

The Contacts Panel

This panel displays a list of the Landlord and Tenant Contacts for the Inspection. From the man icon on the label, you can select a contact from the contact list in order to add Tenants or Landlords to the Inspection Contact lists as shown below.

From the drop-down menu on any specific contact (example below) you can:

  • View Contact Details - to view the contact details of the landlord and tenant 
  • Make Primary - choose a primary contact by selecting the Make Primary option on the drop-down list
  • Send Email or SMS - send an Email/SMS to a contact
  • Remove Contact - delete this contact from the inspection contacts panel

The Tickets Panel

The Tickets Panel (see example below) displays a list of all the Maintenance Tickets that have been created to address issues arising from this Inspection. You can easily navigate to the Ticket by clicking on the Ticket reference shown in RED.

The Documents Panel

The Documents Panel (see example below) displays a list of all documents related to this Inspection that have either been generated by the system or uploaded manually by a user.

From the Documents Panel you can:

  • View - click on the document name to open and view the document
  • Edit - change the document record information
  • Share - send the document via Email to a Contact
  • Delete - remove a document permanently from the document repository

The Inspection Details Panel

This panel shows the Inspection Results captured during the Inspection. The same format is used on both the mobile and portal to display Inspection Results.

From the Inspection Details panel, you can:

  • Area - this is an area within the property that forms part of the overall inspection (example: Living Area)
  • Items - this is a collection of items within an area that will be individually inspected (example: Ceiling, Walls, Windows)
  • Photos - photos can be taken if necessary to supplement the descriptive information of the condition of an Item
  • Comment - comments to describe the condition of the item where required
  • Recommendation - the recommended action to take and who is responsible 
  • Search - type text into the search field and click on Search to find a specific item or area 
  • New Area - click here to add a new area to the inspection  
  • New Item - click here to add a new item to the inspection
  • Reporting
    • Generate Report - click here to generate an inspection report
    • Compare - click here to open the comparison dashboard to compare two inspections
  • New Ticket - click here to create a New Ticket directly from the inspection details (each ticket created has a unique ticket number, as seen on the above screenshot (TR2/TR3). If the ticket is open the number is in blue and once the ticket has been closed it turns red)
  • Spanner & Hammer icon - click here to make a recommendation 
  • Options - from the Options drop-down menu you can:
    • Reorder Areas - use this feature to change the sequence of areas on the checklist
    • Custom Report - use this feature to create a report with some customisation
      • Hide Empty Items - Exclude items without any information (description, comment, action, photos) from the pdf report.
      • Hide Photos - Exclude all photos from the report
      • Exclude Signatures - Exclude all digital signatures from the report
    • Email History - view a list of all emails sent from this inspection
    • Signatures - view a list of all digital signatures stored for this inspection
    • Export Photos - export all photos taken during the inspection to a zip file on your desktop
    • Change Property - if you have done the inspection on the wrong property, you can use this feature to change the inspection property by selecting a different property from a drop down list.
    • View Audit - view a list of all changes made to the inspection
    • Archive - archive the inspection
    • Delete - permanently delete the inspection

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