Property Merge Feature

Merge two properties into one

This feature has been designed to merge duplicate properties. This could happen when a property is created directly on the app and the system does not recognize the already existing property on the system, as the spelling or construction of this does not match. It could also occur when your properties are loaded manually on the desktop. Now you can merge the two properties, including the inspections, tickets, and contacts. Then all information pertaining to this property will be stored in one place. 

To get a step by step explanation, take a look at the below.

Step 1

  • Search the property you would like to apply the merge function on  (in the example it will be the top and bottom property)
  • Click on Options > Merge properties 

Step 2

  • Select Merge, on the left, next to the property you want to merge into the destination property (the destination property would be the 'main' property or the PayProp, Rentconnect, Rams property)

  • If you have an active feed the below icons will show next to each property. The duplicate property, the one you want to merge, will not have this icon linked to it, but the destination property will. As per the example below. 

Step 3

  • Choose the property that you would like to merge into the other property. 

  • All data (inspections, tickets & contacts) will be moved from the property you selected first into the destination property you selected on the drop-down list. 
  • Click in the tick box to archive the duplicate property after the merge has been completed. This is advised. Archived properties can be viewed under Options. 
  • Click Merge

  • The below message will appear at the bottom right of the screen. 

  • After the merge has been completed, click Options to Hide the merge option

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