FAQ - How do I Archive an Asset

Archived Assets is still available in the system, but can only be viewed from the Archived Assets list.

To archive an Asset, follow the steps explained below:

Step 1 - Navigate to the Assets Dashboard for the Asset in question. 

Portfolio > Assets > Search > View.

Step 2 - From the Options drop-down, select Archive

Step 3 - Click OK on the archive confirmation window

Note:  A Yellow Archived tag will appear on the Assets Dashboard as an indication that this asset has been archived as shown below. 

If you have more than one asset to Archive, perhaps a list of assets that you do not manage anymore, you can Archive them in Bulk.

Step 1. Select the block next to each asset you are wanting to Archive, page to the next page at the bottom right of the screen until you have selected All. 

Step 2. Then select the Bulk Update option that appears, as per the below screenshot, and select Archive. 

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