Contact explained - How it relates to assets, inspections & tickets

In RedRabbit a Contact can is used to store basic contact information such as names, email addresses, and mobile numbers. Contacts can be of type Landlord, Tenant, Service Provider (Contractor), or Other (internal contacts like colleagues).

Landlord and Tenant Contacts will typically be linked to Assets. When you create an Inspection of Ticket for an Asset, the linked Landlord and Tenant contacts will be available for selection to send Email and SMS Messages. In addition, when you create a Ticket, the Contacts of type Service Provider will be available for selection when you want to create a job card for a specific Service Provider (Contractor).

How to Create a Contact

  1. Select Portfolio data from the main menu and on the drop-down select Contacts.
  2. Click the New Contact button on the Contact List to open the Contact form as shown below.
  3. On the Contact Form complete the Basic Contact Information as shown below.
  4. If the Contact represents a juristic entity such as a company or trust, tick the Represent Juristic Entity tick box which will open the extended form to capture the Juristic Entity information.
  5. Complete the extended Juristic Entity section of the form.
  6. Click the Create button.

Contact Form - Basic Contact Information Section example

Contact Form - Extended Juristic Entity Section example

How to Link a Contact to the Asset

  1. Select Portfolio data from the main menu and on the drop-down select Assets.
  2. Choose the Asset that the Contact should be linked to and select View to open the asset dashboard.
  3. From the Tenants or Landlord field click the Add Contact icon - as shown below.
  4. Click on the search field and select the Contact.
  5. Click Link.

How to create a Contact directly from the Asset Contacts field

  1. From the Tenants or Landlord field select the Add Contact icon - as shown below.
  2. Click here to create a new contact
  3. Fill out the name and contact details on the Contact form
  4. Click create 

Please note all the contact fields listed under each asset will be available on the contacts panel of the inspections and maintenance tickets.

  1. From the Contacts tab, it can be added as a contact to the inspection or ticket, as shown below. 

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