Custom PDF Inspection Report options

The new and improved Custom Report feature

We take professional reporting to the next level. 

You can now completely customize your inspection report and include the information that suits your needs and provide your client with great results. 

Here is a quick look at where to find this new feature under the Inspection dashboard. 

For further details follow the steps below:

  1. Make sure you have uploaded the inspection from your mobile device so that the data is ready to access on the portal. 
  2. Select Inspections from the main menu to display the Inspections List
  3. Search for the Inspection that you want the report on and click the View button to open the Inspection dashboard
  4. Click on Options then Custom Report

This pop-up screen will appear and you can choose between the options provided. 

4. Once done, click  Generate to compile and display the Inspection Report in pdf format. The results are indicated below.

  • Include Recommendation Summary - this will add a section on the report that will summarize all the recommendations you have made with regards to maintenance needed. 

  • Hide empty items - this will exclude all the items you have 
  • Hide All photos - this will exclude the photos and only include the comments
  • Hide Only copied photos - this will exclude the photos that were copied from the previous inspection and only include the new photos that were taken
  • Hide Inspection comments - if you have made comments on the inspection, perhaps internal comments, and you do not want to reflect on the report for tenants or landlords to view, exclude it.
  • Exclude recorded signatures - this will exclude the digital signatures recorded on the app
  • Include signature blocks - this will include a signature line at the bottom of every page and signature blocks at the end of the report for handwritten signatures. Choose the number of blocks required. 

5. On the left side of the screen open the Documents folder as shown in the example below. Note - the last report generated will automatically be stored under this folder and the latest one will be at the top of the list.

From the documents folder you can now:

6. Click Email to send the report via email to the landlord or tenant. The system will open an email form with the report attached. You can select the Contact, type the body text or select a saved reply before sending it.

NOTE: Every time you make changes to the inspection, a new report has to be generated in order to save a new PDF document. This does not automatically update as a PDF is basically a screenshot of what is currently on the inspection dashboard.

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