FAQ - Inspection Reminders - How do I setup Reminders for my Inspections

The purpose of an inspection reminder is to set a date in the future on which you want to be reminded to Schedule a new inspection for that specific property. Every property has one Reminder Record that is displayed on the Inspections Due dashboard. You will receive an inspection due notification when the reminder date is reached.

The Home Dashboard indicates the total number of Reminders due on the bottom right block.

Steps to add a reminder to a specific property:

  1. Select Inspections from the main menu & select Inspection Reminders to open the Reminder dashboard.

From the Reminders Dashboard you can:

Inspections - click this button to navigate back to the list of Inspections

Search - use this feature to search for any property

Filters - use the pre-defined drop-down menu filters

  • All Reminders (Filter of Reminder Date)
    • All - show reminders for all properties including current, upcoming, and where there are no reminders set
    • Current - show only properties where reminder dates have been reached and there is still an active reminder
    • Upcoming - show only properties where there is a future reminder date
    • No Reminder Set - show only properties that have no reminder date set

  • Filter Last Inspection (Filter on Last Inspection Done Date)
    • All - show reminders for all properties regardless of when their last inspection was done
    • More than 3 months ago - show properties where the last inspection was done more than 3 months ago
    • More than 6 months ago - show properties where the last inspection was done more than 6 months ago
    • More than 12 months ago - show properties where the last inspection was done more than 12 months ago
  • Dismiss - click to cancel a specific reminder and follow the prompts to confirm. Note - where follow-on repeat reminders have been set, the next Reminder will automatically be set and displayed.
  • Set Reminder - use this feature to select a reminder date when you want to be reminded. You can also request that the reminder automatically repeat once on a given date or periodically at a selected interval. Remember to Save the reminder detail.
  • Edit Reminder - use this feature to edit the reminder detail. Remember to Save when you are done. From the Edit Reminder form, you also have the option to DELETE a reminder. When you delete a reminder, it is removed from the property even if there are follow-on repeat reminders set.
  • Schedule - click on Schedule under Next Scheduled Inspection to schedule a New Inspection.
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