How to upload completed inspections

Once you have completed your inspections and you are back at the office, you can now upload your Inspection Results and Photos.

Note: The RedRabbit mobile app is a native app meaning that it runs locally on your mobile device and as such does not need any connectivity to the Internet while you are doing the Inspection. It will also not use any of your data while doing the Inspection. Internet connectivity is only required to download data for scheduled inspections and to upload inspection results and photos of completed Inspections. These activities can be performed when you are back at the office where you will have access to your office Wi-Fi and therefor not use any of your device data.

To upload Completed Inspections, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Initiate the Upload Process

Make sure that you have an active Internet Connection (typically a wi-fi connection to your office router). Navigate to the Scheduled Inspections tab on you device. Click on the UPLOAD button next to each inspection that you want to upload. A confirmation pop-up will be displayed as shown below. Click YES, UPLOAD to proceed or CANCEL if you still want to make some changes on the device.

Step 2: Keep the app open until the upload process has completed

The app will first upload the checklist results followed by the photos for each inspection. During this process a progress bar will be displayed to give you some indication as to the progress made (see examples below). Once the upload process completes, the Inspection will be moved to the COMPLETED tab (see last example page below) where you will be able to view the Inspection Results, Photos and Signatures, but you will not be allowed to make any changes to the Inspection.

Note: The time it takes to upload Inspection Results is dependent on many factors that we unfortunately have no control over such as your Internet Speed, the amount and size of the photos taken, etc. 

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