Reviewing and Signing the Inspection on Android Devices

Once you have completed an Inspection on your mobile device, you might want to review the Inspection Results with the Tenant and then get the Tenant to sign electronically on the device. 

To Review and Sign the Inspection, follow the steps described below.

Step 1: Click on the SIGN HERE icon on the Inspection Overview page as shown below.

The Review and Signature page will be displayed

Note: From the example Review and Signature pages shown above and below, you can:

  • Scroll down and up to review the conditions, actions and comments captured for each checklist item
  • Review photos taken for a specific checklist item by clicking on the blue photo icon which indicates the presence of photos.
  • VIEW PHOTOS - click on this option to view all the photos taken for each area
  • ADD SIGNATURE - click on this option to add signatures to the Inspection

Step 2: Get the Tenant to sign

When you click the ADD SIGNATURE blue button, the signature page will be displayed as shown below. On the signature page select the Tenant option. The tenant name will be displayed as well as the default disclaimer text setup for your company. The Tenant can then sign on the device using his/her finger. Remember to click SAVE to save and time stamp the electronic signature.

Step 3: Sign yourself on behalf of the Landlord

Click on the Agent button. Your name will be displayed as shown in the example below. Sign in the signature area using your finger. Then click SAVE to capture and time stamp the signature.

Note: Electronic Signatures will be uploaded together with the Inspection Results and Photos and will be printed on any Inspection Reports generated. Any changes to the Inspection and / or its signatures are captured in an audit trail to protect the integrity of the Inspection.

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