Portfolios & Permissions

All Assets (properties) in RedRabbit can be part of a Portfolio and RedRabbit users can be given access to Portfolios. 

Users will only have access to Assets of Portfolios that have been linked to their profiles. 

Portfolios and Permissions to access those portfolios are set up from the Company Settings Dashboard.

To set up and change Portfolios:

  1. Click on your Name icon in the top right corner of the page.
  2. Select Company Settings from the drop-down menu. (Note that you will only see this option if you have the requisite permission to change Company Settings information.) The Company Details form will be displayed.
  3. Click on the Portfolios tab on the right side of the page, to display the list of current Portfolios. See the example below.

On the Portfolio list, you can:

  • Create - use this option to enter the name for a new Portfolio, then click the Create button to add the Portfolio to the list.
  • See which Portfolio is currently marked as the Default (look for the green correction mark). When a new Property is created in RedRabbit and a Portfolio is not explicitly selected, the Property will be linked to the current default portfolio.
  • User icon - click to select and link a current user to give that user access to the Portfolio.

How to change the Portfolio Permissions?

Click on any of the Portfolio to open the Portfolio detail panel as shown in the example for Durbanville below. (The following user have access to all of the Assets that are in the Portfolio of Durbanville).

From the Portfolio Detail panel, you can:

  • View a list of Users who currently have access to the Portfolio.
  • Unlink User - click on the delete icon (x mark) next to any user to unlink that user from the Portfolio. The user will then no longer be able to view Assets linked to the Portfolio.
  • Set as default - click Set as default if you want the specific portfolio to be set as default - if it is not the current default. A confirmation pop-up will be displayed. Click OK to confirm.
  • Delete - click to delete the Portfolio. A confirmation pop-up will be displayed. You will have to type in the Portfolio name to confirm the delete action. Note that all Assets currently linked to the Portfolio that is being deleted will be moved to the Portfolio currently marked as the Default Portfolio.

The Portfolio permissions can be activated from the user profile.

Under Company Settings, go to User, View the user profile and navigate to the Portfolios and Permissions option on the left. 

Turn on the toggle options of the Portfolio's and Mailboxes that you would like the specific user to have access to. 

The Permissions under each heading can also be switched on/off to give the specific user permissions.

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