Mailboxes - How to setup and manage

Mailboxes in RedRabbit are used to send and receive Email correspondence associated with the management of Inspections and Maintenance. What you need to know about RedRabbit mailboxes:

  • RedRabbit mailboxes are managed by RedRabbit and not by your normal Email service provider
  • You can have up to 20 mailboxes
  • a Default Mailbox will be created by the system initially.
  • The Email addresses for these Mailboxes take the form ( You can select any custom text provided that has not been taken already.
  • When any Email is sent from within RedRabbit or when you reply to an Email that was received as an incoming Email in RedRabbit, the corresponding outgoing Email will come from the default Mailbox that has been set up on the User Profile of the user who initiated the email send the request.
  • You can apply for a white label domain for your company if you do not want to use the domain. This is, however, a premium service and we will provide you with a quote to provide this service.

To set up and manage mailboxes:

  1. Click on your Profile Icon on the main menu bar
  2. Select Company Settings from the drop-down menu
  3. Company Detail is displayed. Click on the Mailbox tab to display the list of Mailboxes as shown below.

From the Mailbox list you can:

  • New Mailbox - click this button to create a New Mailbox
  • Edit - click this button to customize the signature detail for the mailbox

How to set up a New Mailbox

  1. Click on the New Mailbox button on the list as shown above
  2. Complete the New Mailbox form (see example below). Enter a name for the mailbox and enter the custom text part of the email address. In the example below, that would be "rentprop.inspections". The email address for this mailbox will then be ""
  3. Click the Create button.

How to add a signature for the New Mailbox

  1. On the mailbox in question on the mailbox list, click the Edit button.
  2. Complete the signature detail form as shown in the example below.
    1. From Name - click in the field to select either the mailbox name, the user name or a custom name. If you select Custom Name, another field will be displayed where you can enter the custom from the name. We have selected this option and entered the "Maintenance Department" in the example below.
    2. Signature area - use this icon at the top of this area to load a combination of text and/or a jpeg signature file as shown in the example below.
    3. To summarise - Emails sent from the mailbox below in the example will, therefore, come from the "Maintenance Department" with the from address of and signature as defined below appended to the Email.
  3. Click SAVE

How to link my Mailbox to my User Profile?

View this article to see how.

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