FAQ - why is the paste button not appearing when I use the copy feature on the App

Copy and paste feature on the App 

(same as the 'use previous inspection data' option on the desktop)

There are only three reasons why the paste bar will not appear;

1. If it's not the exact same property. Meaning that there could be two or more property records and this could be noticed when looking at the spelling and spacing and if is linked to a feed. 

2. The time of the inspection you are trying to copy to is earlier than the date on the inspection record you are copying from. 

3. If both inspections were created on the device, and you did not select a property by searching on the server, then it will be seen as separate properties. 

To Fix;

1. Ensure that you have selected the same property record for both inspections when you created and copied it.

2. Then make sure the inspection you want to copy TO has a date AND time later than the one you are copying from.

3.  In this case, you need to first upload the completed inspection and then allocate a new inspection and make sure to use the property that the other inspection was conducted for. 



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