FAQ: How do I enable / disable Email notifications

Steps to disable Email notifications:

  1. Click on your User Profile icon and then select My Profile from the drop down menu
  2. Select the Notifications page from the options on the left as shown below.
  3. On the Notification page you can enable / disable the various Email notifications.

Note - With reference to the Notifications page above, you can enable / disable the options to receive the following Emails:

  • Emails from us
    • Our monthly newsletter - receive monthly emails with regards to the latest news and updates related to the system 
    • Daily summary - get an email on weekdays only to remind you about the inspections due and tickets to follow up on 
    • Weekly summary - this is a weekly summary of what the team has accomplished 
  • Inspections - get a notification when an inspection is allocated to you from another user (if the admin user allocates it to an agent) 
  • Tickets - receive a notice that a ticket has been assigned to you by another user (if the admin user assigns it to an agent) 
  • Mailboxes - here you can choose which mailboxes you would like to get a notification from when a new email or reply is sent to that mailbox

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