Send Quotes & Invoices to Stakeholders (Video included) 2022

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Sending quotes, invoices, or any other documents/media to your stakeholders is as easy as following these steps.

Step 1:

You need understand how documents/media works on a ticket. Any document/media sent or received directly on your ticket will automatically be saved on this folder icon on your ticket (shown in picture below). As you can see, you can also upload additional documentation, should you need to.

This means if your stakeholders respond to the emails that you send from your ticket, any attachments that they send to you, will also automatically be saved here.

Step 2:

You can forward one, or multiple of these documents/media to your stakeholders - you can even send the photos of the issues via email. 

Go to your "new email" button at the top right of your screen, then select who you want to send the email to (and CC and BCC if necessary):

Step 3:

Select the items that you would like to attach to the email.

The arrow icon will lead you to any documents, images, etc. that are already saved to your ticket. The normal paperclip icon will lead you to your documents on your device. 


Click on the arrow and you will be lead to choose from the documents that are saved on your ticket, including the photos of the issue on your ticket. Here you can click on multiple items to attach, then simply click on "attach" at the bottom right corner

Step 4:

Search and select your saved reply and watch how the system does the work for you - no need to spend time on lengthy emails:

Step 5:

Double check and send. 

Now that you have your entire email ready to send, you can just click on your "send" button at the top right corner:

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