Creating Tickets in different ways (Videos included) 2022

Create ticket from Maintenance request video - CLICK HERE to watch

Create ticket from an Inspection video - CLICK HERE to watch

Create ticket from scratch video - CLICK HERE to watch

Creating a ticket has never been easier...

This workflow eliminates the need to create a ticket, then go back to your ticket dashboard and view the ticket to action it further. Now all you have to do is follow the workflow and you will have everything that you need in one step.

Here are the different ways you can create tickets:

Creating a ticket from Inspection:

1. Filter to all issues in need of maintenance on your inspection dashboard:

- Once you see the list of issues, you can see which issues still need tickets opened for them

2. View the inspection, select the maintenance filter, then click on "new ticket" at the top right":

3. Select the issues that you want to add to your ticket, then click on "create":

4. Follow the workflow that pops up - fill in all the information, then click on "next" in the bottom right corner:

5. The system will anticipate that you want to get a quote for the issue - if you would like to change the required action, you can click on the "edit" button, and change it. Click on next to move to the next page:

6. On this page, you can generate a task card if you would like to - just select all of the relevant options to include/exclude on the task card. If you DO NOT want to generate a task card at this point, just unselect the "generate task card" option. 

7. On this page, you select who you want to communicate to. If you have generated a task card on the previous page, you can now select your service provider/s. If you did not generate a task card on the previous page, you do NOT need to select service providers at this stage:

8. Once you have selected your service providers, the system will anticipate which emails to send to them and the saved replies will already be selected. On this page, all the saved replies to all the different parties will already be selected, but you can edit them, by clicking on the "edit" button next to each saved reply. 

The idea here is that you DO NOT need to change anything on this page - the system does the anticipation for you, so that you can just click on "next" and send all the emails.

9. On this last page, you simply set the phase of your ticket and set your reminder, so that the system can remind you to follow up on this ticket, then click on "create" and you're done:

Creating a ticket from a Maintenance Request:

1. Select the issue on your Maintenance Request (tick the block next to the issue on the left), then click on "create ticket":

2. Follow the workflow that pops up - exactly in the same way as explained above:

Creating a ticket from scratch:

1. Go to your ticket dashboard and click on "new ticket":

2. Choose the Asset, tenant, priority of ticket, and the method in which the issue was reported, then click on "next":

3. On this page, you now need to create the issue description and add any photos, if applicable:

4. Click on "next" and follow the rest of the workflow as previously explained.

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