Maintenance Process Training Video 2022

This video shows how the Maintenance Simplification works on RedRabbit. 

It will show you the full process that is typically followed when handling maintenance on RedRabbit. 

CLICK HERE to watch the video. 



Create a ticket from Inspection, Maintenance Request, or New ticket from scratch. 

While creating the ticket, follow the workflow the system takes you through. 

During this workflow, the system will guide you to do the following:

- Select the required action for the issue

- Generate a job card (and customize it)

- Select a service provider if needed

- Communicate with your stakeholders

With this workflow, there is no need to head back to your ticket immediately, because you have already taking all the necessary initial steps, including tasking your service provider. 

STEP 2 :

Once you are ready to move on to the next steps in your process (approve/reject quotes), you can go to your ticket to do so:

- Reject quote

Once you've selected "reject quote", follow the workflow that pops up again - no need to do anything here, because the system already has the communication ready to send to the service provider. Just click on "next" all the way through to the end of the workflow.

- Approving a quote

Once you've clicked on "approve quote", follow the workflow that pops up again and do the following:

Update the required action, then click on "next"

Generate and customize the task card

All communication is already selected for you, but you can edit it, should you need to

Set reminder and ticket phase

Step 3:

Forward quotes & invoices to stakeholders for approval

- Click on "new email" at the top right corner of the page

- Choose the recipient and the saved reply of your choice

- Select the arrow button to attach media from your ticket

- Select the attachments and click on "attach" at the bottom right corner of the page, then send your email

Step 4:

Once you have invoiced the relevant parties, and received payment, you are ready to close your ticket. To close your ticket, you need to do the following:

- Update the issue as "completed"

- Ensure that your ticket phase is updated

- Close your ticket

, and set a reminder and ticket phase. 

The system anticipates which communication you would need when opening a ticket, but you have the option to edit/change the communication if need be. 

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