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Come prepared with all your questions - this is the space to ask anything and everything you have wondered about regarding RedRabbit.

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Here are additional Articles and Videos on all major features available on the system if you would like to self-study.

Inspections on portal Accessible anytime and from anywhere. Transparency.  Information can be re-used. No filing. Paperless. Saves Time. Easy record keeping. Video: Article:  
Inspections on APP Once device. Customizable inspection structure. User friendly.  Works offline. Makes your camera smart. Building the report as you go.  Saves Time. Video: Article: Video
Inspection Checklists/ Templates Re-usable. Set up once. Saves Time. Convenient to use. Easy to build a brand-new inspection structure. Video: Article  
Inspection Reminders Makes planning ahead easy. Set-up once. Never forget about an inspection again. Communicate your value to your clients by doing inspections on time. Article Article:  
Using previous inspections Reduced inspection times.  Only recording on items of which the condition has changed but still producing a full property condition report. Having the previous condition with you to easily identify concern areas.  Making comparison easy. Article: Article Article
Custom Report Add a recommendation summary. Professionalism. You have choices for each individual situation.  Video: Article:  
Comparison Report Makes deposit calculations easy.  Professionalism.  Transparency.  Easy to identify concern areas.  Video: Article:  
Inspections Signed Legality. Proof. Article: Article:  
Reports emailed Easy record keeping. Transparency. Accountability. Saves Time.  Accessible from anywhere. Article: Article:  
Tickets on Portal Eliminate the need to search for correspondence and it creates transparency within the company. Video: Article: Video
Maintenance Recommendation icon Eliminates the human factor.  Saves Time. Communicate your value to your clients.  Professionalism.  Integrates with maintenance.  Recommendation summary on Report. Video: Article:  
Opening Tickets from Inspection Saves Time. Recordkeeping. Transparency. Accountability.  Re-use of information instead of redoing the same thing.   Article:  
Job cards Professional and clear instruction. Eliminates confusion.  Accountability.    Article:  
Ticket Reminders The system manages the maintenance for you. Always reminded never forgets.  Saves Time.  Transparency. Accuracy. No more stress.   Article:  
Ticket Phases Easy to track where in the process each ticket is. Transparency.  Always on track.   Article:  
Saved Replies Professional communication. Saves Time. The system personalizes the communication for you.   Article:  
Inbox Easy to identify outstanding work. Easy to link communication to Inspection or Ticket. Transparent. Article: Article:  

Multiple Quote Requests Easy to track quotes requested. Saves Time. Transparency. Video: Article:  
Maintenance Requests Eliminates confusion.  Requests on one platform eliminate many calls/ emails. Easy to manage all maintenance requests received.  Easy analysis of the type of requests received. Saves Time.  Video: Article:  
Online Inspections Review & Sign No PDF docs. No printing. No emails. Clear photos. View per area or category. Easy view of recommendations.
Video: Article:  

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