How to add a new Asset - Video

How to Add a New Asset onto your RedRabbit system, along with the Tenant and Landlord details.

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This is only applicable when you want to add an Asset MANUALLY – this will not apply when you have an existing live feed from your financial system as Weconnectu.

How to add a new Asset:
1.  Click on Portfolio and then click on Assets

2.  The next step, you will click on NEW ASSET

3.  Enter the Name of the Asset and if you work with Portfolios, you will select the applicable Portfolio. (Portfolios need to be created before creating a new Asset).

If you do not work with Portfolios, you will then move to Asset Groups.
If this Asset belongs to an Asset Group i.e., a Building, Complex, or an Estate, you need to create the Asset Group before you will be able to link this Asset to an Asset Group.

Then you can go ahead and click on NEXT

4.  On the next page, you will fill in the entire Asset details for this Asset. Then you can click on NEXT again.

5.  Now, this is the part where we can go ahead and create our contacts for this Asset.

Click on CREATE NEW and start with a Tenant. (If they are an existing contact, you can simply search their name in the search bar).

Create a Tenant for this Asset (if it is not an existing contact on the system).

6.  The next step is to go ahead and fill in the Tenant’s details.

Click on CREATE CONTACT once the Tenant’s details are completed.

7.  The Tenant’s name will appear at the top.

Select a role for this contact that you have added by making this person a Tenant.

You can have multiple Tenants for one Asset. So, if that is the case, you set this Tenant as primary by ticking the box “Set as primary”. 

Next, you select the date of occupation.

In order to save the information that you have added for this Tenant that you created, you need to press "ADD TO LIST". Your Tenant is now added to your Asset.

8.  Now, if you want to add a Landlord, you can follow the same steps as when adding a Tenant.
If your Landlord is an existing contact on your system, search from the dropdown list. 

9.  Select the Landlord and Click on ADD TO LIST.

You will see your Tenant and Landlord together on the Asset.


This enables you to Create All of your Assets with your relevant contacts in one smooth step where everything is streamlined.

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