How to use the Online Inspection Report and how to sign it.

How to use the Online Inspection Report and how to sign it.

The Online Inspection Report functionality provides simplicity, where anyone can easily review the Inspection Report via email.

Share with Landlord/Tenant

        Select “Share online Report” (in yellow at the top of your inspection).

        Select “Generate Shareable Link”.

        “Preview online report” to view the report beforehand.

        Press on “Send Link” next to the contact you wish to send the report to

        “Copy to clipboard” option can also be used, by pasting the URL link into an email or message, when needed. 

        “Disable link” after an appropriate amount of time has passed for the tenant or landlord to sign. 

How to sign the online inspection report.

The Tenant/Landlord will receive an email in their inbox, stating “Inspection Report Available”. This email contains written instructions for them to sign the report, as well as a link to the YouTube video.

After clicking on “View Inspection Report” the next step is to click on “SIGN NOW”.

When they have clicked on SIGN NOW, the following page has an Info Section on the Signatures Page. 

Checkboxes with colour coding for the Terms Acceptance.
(Red if it is not yet Ticked and Green once they have ticked the box).

The applicable stakeholder will proceed to complete their details in the empty field and click in “sign inspection”. RedRabbit will send them an SMS with an OTP (One Time Pin) - once they have received the OTP on their phone, they will insert the OTP onto the Inspection, as shown below. Thereafter, the Inspection is signed.

You can view the signatures recorded on inspections on the portal in 2 ways:

1.     On your inspection (As shown below).

Digital App signatures will remain recorded on the Inspection.

2. On your inspection Dashboard (As shown below).

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