How to send Documents from a ticket

Ever wondered how you can attach the documents on your ticket to an email and send it to a landlord, tenant, service provider, or even a colleague? Here's how you can achieve it. 

Firstly, ensure that all the documents you would like to send, are attached to your ticket on RedRabbit, as shown below:

If you are not sure how to upload documents on your tickets, kindly refer to THIS ARTICLE

Once your documents have been uploaded to your ticket, you can attach them to an email on RedRabbit at any point, using this icon:

Kindly see a detailed demonstration below:

This is a great way of sending your landlord multiple quotes from different service providers or sending invoices to the relevant parties for payment - and best of don't have to type any emails. Remember that Saved Replies are your best friend in saving time and not having to type emails.

If you want to learn more about saved replies, kindly CLICK HERE.

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