RedRabbit Training Week - October 2021 - Videos

From 11 October 2021 - 14 October 2021, RedRabbit offered a specialized training week. 

If you missed it, or perhaps you attended and you would like to have the videos on hand, don't stress - here are the live recordings of the sessions:

11 October 2021 - Settings and Setup of your RedRabbit system for your company workflow

Click HERE to watch this video

12 October 2021 - Inspection Process Training

Click HERE to watch this video

13 October 2021 - Maintenance Process Training

PLEASE SEE THE UPDATED (2022 version) of the Maintenance Process Training - CLICK HERE 

14 October 2021 - Managing your business and team effectively on RedRabbit

Click HERE to watch this video

If you would like to save the Inspection and Ticket Lifecycles that are shown in these videos, kindly click HERE.

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