New JobCards on RedRabbit - How do they work?

New JobCards on RedRabbit - Here are a few steps that will help you navigate on the JobCards.

In order to send a JobCard to the Service provider with the issues on the JobCard, the following steps need to take place:

  • Go to "Maintenance" – "Tickets" – Search for the correct ticket – "View"  
  • Ensure that the Service Provider is assigned, and the required "action" is selected next to each item

  • The next step is to click on “Email JobCard”, as shown below

(You now have to ensure that all the "required actions" that need to be included on the JobCard are selected under “Include Issues by action required - click on the dropdown to add additional options if need be) 

  • Now, tick all the relevant boxes/options; “Tenant details”, "Landlord details" and "Include Signature lines", depending on what  you want to include on the JobCard, then click on “Compile Email”.

  • Ensure that all details on the email are correct and send the JobCard.

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