Agency working with Service Provider Portal

Invite the Service Providers that you would like to join the Service Provider Portal. This will enable you to use the RedRabbit Messenger to send Quote requests and Job Tasks and communicate using the messenger.

Here you will find the Invite option. 

Select the Invite option from Portfolio, Service Provider dashboard. 

After creating a maintenance ticket;

Once the Ticket has been opened, the Quote request and Job Task can be assigned to the chosen Service Provider from the ticket dashboard

The RedRabbit Messanger will allow you to see what the Service Provider can see on their side and all messages, documents, and photos will be communicated from this point

This icon will indicate whether the Service Provider has signed up on the Service Provider Portal and will receive the Quote or Job Task there. This makes it very easy to see who has registered to the RedRabbit messenger. Emails can still be sent with the quote or job task to other Service Providers loaded on the system. 

Select the Request Quote option.

Select a Saved Reply to auto-fill the body text of the email ( click here to see how to create a new saved reply)

Select to include or exclude the tenant and landlord details. If selected these details will be visible to the Service Provider. 

Select to generate a pdf document if needed.
The RedRabbit Messenger will show you the messages sent to the Service Provider.

This will display your last message sent.
If you click anywhere on Messenger the below screen will pop up and you are able to view the content or send another message. 

You can send Emojis.

Drag and drop a file or click to browse.
Select Existing media to attach, as the Quote document.

If you have selected to generate a pdf document it will be stored under the document folder.

When the Service Provider responds to your Quote request or Job Task a New Message indicator will appear on your home Dashboard. 

You will also be able to view it from the ticket itself. 

Click on the message to view the details. 

Select Go to Ticket and the system will open the related ticket dashboard to do further work, for instance, to Create Job Task

Assign the Service Provider to the Ticket

Change the Action on the Issue to Proceed as Quoted ect.

  • Create online Job Task
  • Select Saved Reply
  • Choose what needs to be included in the Task details
    • Share Landlord and or Tenant detail 
    • Request Tenant QA Signoff - this will enable the service provider to request a QA by sending an SMS to the tenant's phone, once the OTP is entered the quality insurance is confirmed
    • Generate PDF JobCard
  • Create Task

Task sent to Service provider.

View message sent

View task details.

View the contact details. These details are also what the Service Provider is able to view.

You will receive notifications of the updates, through Messenger as the Service Provider goes through the stages of the job.

View from the Inbox or Go to the Ticket to view the message

View message.

Process invoice.

View Task.

Here it will indicate if QA has been completed if you have requested that.

Resolve & Close ticket and email notification to tenant and landlord.

Job completed.

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