Service Provider Portal

The Service Provider which will be launched soon, will be able to manage all the quotes and online job tasks that are assigned to him from the Agency side. The RedRabbit Messanger will allow the Service Provider and Agency to communicate. This portal can be accessed from any mobile device or laptop.

An Invite needs to be Send from the Agencies side to invite the Service Provider to join the Service Provider Portal and link up with particular Agencies that they work with. 

Once the Invite is Received through email, the Service Provider needs to Register or Accept the Invite.

Invite received 

The Complete your details form will appear.

Check details and fill in a password, select to accept terms & conditions & Privacy policy.

Select the Finish Registration option

Once you have finalized the registration, RedRabbit will send you an email to verify that you are human.

This is the email you will receive in your Inbox, select the Confirm email option.

There will be a rocket to welcome you with an introduction, go to next. 

Add RedRabbit Messenger to your home screen on your mobile device or laptop.

When you get to this point, make sure to watch the short videos clips that will show you how. 

If you get to this point you have successfully registered and will be introduced to your home screen. This is where all your Quotes and Jobs tasked to you by the Agency will be visible.

From the top is 

  • Home - messenger view
  • Quotes - quote requests assigned to you by the agencies you are linked with
  • Jobs - job tasks assigned to you by the agencies you are linked with
  • Search - use this if you are looking for something particular, like a property or agency
  • Notifications - view notifications from RedRabbit and stay up to date
  • User icon
    • My profile - Update your profile details
    • Company Settings - Update company details 
      • Manage Users - Invite new users
      • Manage Clients - View your connected agencies
    • Sign out

Now the action begins. 

View all messages, click on them to view the details.

Toggle between Read and Unread messages.

Manage your Quotes

Filter between Agency, Status, and Assigned To, so that you are able to view specific categories. 

Assign Jobs to yourself or people in your team.

View the Quote request document.

Change the Status of the quote to manage your quotes and easily identify where you are in the process with each one. 

  • New - just received quote request
  • Quoted - quote sent to the agency
  • Archived - Completed 

Select Messenger to open the message view, see what the Agency has communicated with you and send a message back with the quote document.

New messages received will be indicated in red from the Home page. 

Manage your Jobs and view job task details.

Set the status of the jobs as you work through them.

  • New - just got the job.
  • Work in progress - busy completing the job, appointment made and job planned. 
  • Invoiced - Job done and invoice sent to the agency.
  • Archived - all sorted and job completed.

Select Contact Details to view the below and set up appointments.

Select View Items to go back to the details of the task. 

Request Tenant QA Signoff - this request comes from the agency.

This will enable the service provider to request a QA by sending an SMS to the tenant's phone, once the OTP is entered the quality insurance is confirmed.

  • Go to the Contact details tab.
  • Select the Request QA button.
  • The system will send an sms to the tenant and will be indicated as below. 

  • The tenant will read the OTP code they received on the SMS and you will enter it into the below option. The tenant is happy, your happy and the agency is happy.
  • If the tenant does not provide the OTP code because they are not happy with something, find out what it is and report it to the agency via Messenger. 
  • Confirm QA Code

  • Job completed.
  • Invoice Agency.

  • Archive Job.
  • To view Archived Jobs, select the filter option. 

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