Comparison Reports

The Comparison dashboard allows you to compare two inspections side by side. This is very handy when you are for instance trying to identify the differences between an entry and exit inspection. 

Once you View an inspection you will find the Compare option.

When you click on Compare the Comparison dashboard is displayed as shown below. The inspection selected first will be on the left and the second on the right. Use the Change option to select the required inspection to compare with the first one.

From the comparison dashboard you can:

  • All - use the Area filter drop down to compare checklist items for a specific selected Area
  • Search - use the search field to search for a specific checklist item to compare
  • Hammer and Spanner icon filter - click to show items on both inspections that contain repair actions
  • Compare Comments - use this tick box to show checklist items where the comments differ
  • Only Show Deviations - use this tick box to only show checklist items where the toggles differ
  • Change - click to select a different inspection to compare with
  • PDF Report - click to compile and save a PDF Comparison Report under the documents folder of the inspection.
  • Excel Report - click to compile and save an Excel format Comparison Report under the documents folder of the inspection
  • View Reports - click to open the Documents Folder to display the available reports from where the reports can be emailed to Landlords or Tenants.

Comparison Report Customisation Options

When you select the PDF Report option, a pop-up box will be displayed as shown below. Here you can select what you want to include/exclude in the Report.

Click below to view an example of a Comparison report.


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