FAQ - Mailbox Signatures 2022

The Mailbox in RedRabbit is used to communicate with your clients in relation to all inspection reporting and maintenance issues. Make sure you add a Signature to each mailbox. 

Different mailboxes can be created and linked to a specific user profile. Note, permission is needed to access this under Company Settings. 

Create one Company Mailbox that will be linked to all users on the system as the Default Mailbox with a standard company email Or create a Mailbox for each user and link that specific Mailbox to their User profile with people-specific signatures. 

EXAMPLE: redrabbit@propertyupdate.zone Or marli@propertyupdate.zone

The importance of adding a Signature to each Mailbox on your RedRabbit account *Ensure your client is aware of which company is contacting them *Improve communication with your client *Save time *Professional

Explore the ability to type out a signature or simply insert a jpeg file.

Follow the 4 easy steps:

1. Go to Company Settings

2. Select Mailbox 

3. Go to Edit

4. Type out your Signature Or insert your Signature IMAGE file by selecting the picture icon:


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