Saved Replies & Communication Scenarios (Video Included) 2022

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Save time and be efficient by sending emails with the click of a button.

Setting up Saved Replies

Saved replies not only save time, they also ensure that communication within your business is standardized across board. 

The Saved Replies can be found under the Inbox, as seen below:

If you select one of the already created Saved Replies, you are able to Edit them.

If you click on "New Saved Reply", you are able to create your own new Saved Reply. 

When editing or creating Saved Replies, you need to fill in the following fields on the Saved Reply:

  • Category

Which area/module of the solution should this Saved Reply be available in for you to use?

  • Type

Will this Saved Reply be an Email or SMS?

  • Audience

Who is the email directed at? Tenant, Landlord, Service Provider? 

  • Reply Name

What name will you give this reply? Remember, this is the name that you will search when you want to select this Saved Reply in an email. 

  • Subject (Optional)

If you fill in a subject here, it will populate the subject on the email automatically

Once you have set up your Saved Replies, you will find the option to select and use them. 

Setting up Communication Scenarios

Communication Scenarios allow you to click one button and have all the communication selected to all your various stakeholders, based on the scenario/information you would like to communicate.

To setup Communication Scenarios successfully, you need to have your saved replies to all your relevant parties setup beforehand already. This means you need to have saved replies setup for your tenant, landlord, and your service provider. 

If you select one of the already created Communication Scenarios, you are able to Edit them.

If you click on "New Scenario", you are able to create your own new Scenario. 

When working with Scenarios, you will need to fill in the following:

  • Name

The name of the Scenario - this is the name that will appear on your system for you to select the scenario.

  • Category

Where on your solution should this Scenario be available to choose?

  • Type

When you are performing certain actions on your RedRabbit solution, this scenario will be available to choose.

Then you select all the saved replies that should be sent to all the various stakeholders. 

Now, whenever you choose this Communication Scenario on RedRabbit, all of these parties will automatically receive the Saved Replies that you have selected for them. 

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