Instruction to your tenants - How to log Maintenance Requests Online

How to instruct your tenants to log Online Maintenance Requests

This video and email template can be used to inform your tenants how to log maintenance requests online.

  • CLICK HERE  to download the Email Template for your tenants (WORD format)

NB: Remember that your company Maintenance Request link needs to be pasted into this email template. 

How to find your company Maintenance Request Link?

1. Log into your RedRabbit portal (website)

2. Click on "Maintenance Requests"

3. Click on "options" (on the right), then click on "settings"

4. Click on "copy to clipboard" next to the link that you see

5. Paste this link into your email template

  • CLICK HERE to watch the 3 minute video demonstration for your tenants (it is included in the email template as well)

NB: Please ensure that you select the ''keep source formatting'' paste option, to ensure that you include the 3 minute Video Link that comes with this email template.

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