Maintenance Recommendation icon

Best practice Tool to use to make sure that All maintenance that gets picked up during an Inspection is marked as a recommendation by using the Spanner & Hammer icon. 

This is available on the App and the desktop. It does save time to use the tags immediately during the inspection rather than afterward on the desktop. 


  • It is highlighted on the inspection as maintenance and tenant and landlord can immediately identify it with as glanse. 
  • On the PDF report use the Custom report feature and select * Include Rocommendation summary
  • On the Online Inspection view, the Summary is visible and interactive.
  • A ticket can be Opened directly from the Inspection. This saves time as it takes the already created information on the inspections (comments and photos) and pulls that into the ticket automatically. No double work. 

Dashboard view

Custom Report Option for PDF 

Online inspection view

Open Ticket from an Inspection

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