FAQ - How to Notify Contacts from a ticket providing updated communication

This GIF will show you how to update a contact on an action or note from a ticket. 

  • Select the Notify Contact option on the Action or Note on the Ticket
  • Select Email
  • Choose To email address
  • Select Saved Reply
  • Send

Examples of Actions and Notes that you are able to use and Notify Contacts. 

The Saved Reply that can be used is:

To Edit a Saved Reply > Go to Inbox > Saved Replies.

  • See the steps here under the Saved Replies paragraph
  • To have pre-defined email addresses available of people you want to communicate with, load them as Contacts on the system. 

Navifate to Portfolio > Contacts

  • Fill in the details box and Save. 
  • Now when sending an email from anywhere in the system you will be able to pick up that contact. If it is a tenant or landlord link them to the property. 

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