Online Inspection Report

The new Online Inspection Report functionality will provide transparent & interactive reports where anyone can easily review or find the info they are looking for which will reduce the amounts of emails/phone calls significantly.

We have put together a few easy steps to follow and show you how to use online reporting. 

Share with clients

  • Select the Generate Shareable Link
  • Send Link next to each contact listed on the property
  • Preview online report to view the details
  • Copy to clipboard option can also be used, by pasting the Url link into an email or message, when needed. 
  • Disable link after an appropriate amount of time has passed for the tenant or landlord to sign. 

Online inspection report view

  • The tenant or landlord will click on the Link received via email. Below is an example of the email they will get.
  • The agent can select Preview Online Report from the inspection dashboard view
  • Toggle between Tenant, Landlord, and Other Maintenance Recommendations
  • View general Comment recorded during the inspection
  • Toggle between Areas and Catagories to easily view specific sections on the inspection

View Photos

Sign now

  • After scrolling through the inspection, viewing the details of the inspection 
  • Accept the Terms and Conditions and Signature Declaration
  • Fill in the personal details required, select Sign Inspection. 
  • An OTP will be sent to your mobile device via SMS, enter the number and you will see a success message. A copy of the inspection report will be emailed to the person that signed. 

View the signatures recorded on inspections within the inspection view

  • Digital App signatures will remain recorded on the inspection

View the signatures recorded on inspections from the listed dashboard view

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