Quote Requests

It is no longer a tedious process to request multiple quotes and manage them properly. 

We will show you how you can request any number of contractors to quote before assigning one to the tickets.

This is the new and improved dashboard, short video and below are the basic instructions to follow. 

  • Open new ticket (ticket can be opened from a Request, Inspection, Email or New Ticket)
  • Do not assign a service provider yet
  • Ensure all service providers are loaded on the Service Provider dashboard
  • From the Quote Requests option select or search a service provider that you want to request a quote form and click on the Request Quote button on the right. 
  • Request multiple quotes. These documents are stored under the Document folder icon on the Details panel. 
  • After receiving quotes back from contractors, choose the best quote, and assign the Ticket to the chosen Service Provider by selecting the Assign to ticket option on that service providers line item under the quote requests panel. 
  • Select the SendJobCard option to send the assigned service provider the JobCard for further instructions to follow when completing the job. This will compile the job card and email with one click. 
  • Once that is complete, set your ticket Phase and next Reminder. 
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