Drag and Drop Payprop Data

Drag and drop your PayProp data into RedRabbit

Made an update on Payprop? Make the same update in RedRabbit with this feature.


Go to Payprop; Reports: View All Reports

Under Tenants, beneficiaries & properties

Select "Tenants: ALL" & choose Type CSV; "Generate Report"

Select "Beneficiaries: ALL" & choose Type CSV; "Generate Report"

NB: DO NOT OPEN THESE FILES - it corrupts them


Go to RedRabbit; Portfolio; Assets  

Click on "Import PayProp Data" 

Drag the downloaded files into the correct block (tenants block or landlords block)


Click on the block to upload the correct file

Click on "import" at the bottom right of the screen. 

Follow these steps anytime that you update information on Payprop.  

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