Online Maintenance Requests

How to Set-up

  • The first step will be to set up the landing page 
  • The new Maintenance Requests Dashboard is found under Maintenance > Requests 
  • To do the set-up go to Options > Settings

  • This settings page is completely customizable to fit your requirements
  • Add your Logo
  • Select the Primary branding color to fit your company colors
  • To share the system-generated URL - click on 'Copy to clipboard to paste & share the link. 
  • This link can be added to your website as a Log maintenance option or shared by Whatsapp, Email, Sms. 
  • The Information message will be displayed on your maintenance request page. 
  • There is a reference field that could be activated

Maintenance Request view

  • This result pulls through on the maintenance request page. 
  • This is the page where the tenant will be directed to when logging issues, once they have clicked on the URL link.
  • The Information message is displayed beneath the 'Report a Problem' wording. (This can be changed under Settings)
  • Now the tenant can select one of the default actions and this will pre-populate some of the fields.

  • Once the tenant selects a default issue this details panel will appear. The option that was chosen at the top (Stove not working) will pull through in the details at the bottom.
  • These fields ensure that the tenant fills in the necessary details and you receive accurate data of the item that is faulty as well as the area of the house it is in. They can add a description and photos.
  • This is the where what, and how of the issue with photos. In total 3 issues can be loaded at a time with 3 photos per issue. 
  • The contact details are required
  • Then they will click on Submit 

  • After Submit they will receive the success message & the success action option that contains the success action Url. (This is set up under Settings.)
  • The 'Visit our Website' wording is the success action and the URL is the link where they will be redirected too once clicked on.

Maintenance Request dashboard 

  • The new maintenance requests will be displayed on the Requests dashboard (also the main dashboard will show how many new requests is waiting)
  • There is a New/Closed filter.
  • Click on the New Request to open up the details panel where all the information will be displayed that the tenant has filled out.
  • On each request, the option is given to Create a ticket / Close request.
  • Click on the picture icon to view enlarged photos.

  • To Open a new ticket click on the Create Ticket option. Fill out the details as per the below queries box, click next and follow the prompts as usual. 
  • The issues will be pre-populated automatically.
  • The request will be closed automatically.

  • The request can be Closed when there will be no ticket opened or any action taken.
  • To close the request click on the Close Request option. The request can be Reopned if needed. 
  • An email or sms message can be sent to the tenant to notify them that it has been closed and why. 
  • Saved replies can be created from the Inbox and used when selecting the option as below when creating a new Email.

  • This is where and how to create a Saved Reply. 

  • To view all Closed and processed Requests, Select the Closed Tab.

Turn on Notifications on your User profile to be notified once RedRabbut receives a new maintenance Request. 

Company Settings > Users > View > Notifications 

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