Compliant Remote Inspections

We want to show you how remote inspections can be done on RedRabbit and still be compliant.  This article will explain how to build a complete inspection manually with the help of the tenant sending you videos and photos. 

Create your inspection either using a start clean inspection or use the previous inspection data and copy the photos. Refer to the following articles should you not know how to do this:

How to schedule an inspection on the portal & How to copy a previous inspection on the portal

How to upload a photo to an inspection:

Steps to follow:

  1. View the Inspection that you want to upload the photos too.
  2. Select the Camera icon next to the item you want to upload the photos of. This will open the photo panel on the right side (see example below)
  3. Click on the + Photo icon to select photos from your PC and upload it to the Inspection Item.

How to save a video link on an inspection:

Ensure that the Video files are downloaded and safely stored on your computers File explorer / Google Drive / Dropbox etc.  These Videos can be full property content, short videos of each area, or short videos of the defects only.

Steps to follow: (see below example)

Part one

  1. Copy the URL link of the Video
  2. View the Inspection that you want to save the Video link on.
  3. You can then create a new Area and Item Called Video link, or you can use any existing item. Click on the Comments icon on the right side of the item or in the large comment section.
  4. Paste the link into the comment section.
  5. Save

Part two

  1. Go to the document folder
  2. Select "click to upload document"
  3. Select video files to upload from the file explorer

How to change Disclaimer & Terms:

It is vital to ensure that your Inspection Report Disclaimer & Terms are updated to protect all parties involved during these unprecedented times.  Due to you not being present when an inspection is done and need to reply on the information given by tenants you can build a layer of projection in your disclaimer section.  You can also after the information was received verify the content by a video call session with the tenant asking them to show you through the property.

Steps to follow:1.    

  1. Go to Inspections – Options – Settings
  2. Click on Other Settings
  3. In the Disclaimer & Terms section, you can make the necessary changes
  4. Save
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