Ticket Phases 2022

Each team can now set up their own customized list of ticket phases that can be used to manage the ticket process in more detail.  

We do provide a list of default phases, as per the below screenshot, but you can completely customize and reorder this list.

  • NOTE - Phase is not a compulsory field to make use of but it is certainly recommended. This provides an easy way to track where is the process each ticket is and enabled you to prioritize your follow-ups and provides transparency.

  1. Below is where you will find the ticket Phase option. The first Phase will be selected when opening a ticket as Ticket Opened.

2. Once the ticket has been opened, you can set the Phase as you make progress with the ticket story. We recommend setting your ticket Phase and Reminder before exiting the tickets.

Below is found under the ticket details after selecting the view button from the ticket list screen. 

Ticket Phases can be customized by going to Ticket Settings;

  1. Select tickets from the main menu
  2. Select Options, then Settings, then Ticket Phases
  • Here you can Edit, Delete Or Add a new Ticket Phase
  • NOTE - Any phases that are used on a ticket cannot be deleted, so ideally you want to make sure you have set up your phases before starting to use them on tickets.

Useful Tip: You can also filter on phases from the tickets query under 'Advanced Filters' where you can select one or many phases to be included in the filter. The filtered list will be exportable with the normal export and the phase-field is now included in the export as well.

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