New Major Feature Updates 2020

Release Day!

Dear valued user,

We hope 2020 has been treating you well so far. We want to do everything we can this year to try and make your life a little bit easier, which is why the latest release of RedRabbit focuses on simplifying your maintenance ticketing even more. Here's a summary of the exciting new changes you will now see in RedRabbit:

Simplified Ticket Opening / Issue logging process

You are now able to capture your issues directly on the 'Open New Ticket' modal window. This means you don't have to first create the ticket and then go capture your issues.

You can also now optionally specify the service provider whilst creating the ticket if you already know you you will be assigned. This saves you another extra step. So all that's left to do then is open the ticket and create & send the job card.

Further, you are now able to review any property notes before creating the ticket by hovering over the 'View notes' text after selecting your property.

Simplified Ticket Dashboard

You'll note we cleaned up the dashboard a little and moved the 'ticket opened on' and 'resolved on' date to the top of your ticket story where you can easily resolve or unresolve it now. 

You can also now easily see any property or Asset Group notes if there are any by clicking on the notes icon next to the property name, 

and you'll notice that the close ticket function now also resolves the ticket by default when you close it unless you specifically decide to leave it unresolved by selecting that option.

Phase Management

You'll see the shiny new Phase-field on the ticket creation and the dashboard as well as in your ticket exports. You can set up your own phases that correspond to your company's workflow and then use those phases to manage the progress on your tickets and have better top-level visibility on where you stand with each ticket. 

Click Here to see how you can set up and use your own custom phases.

We hope will enjoy these new features & improvements and look forward to bringing you plenty more in the months to come.

Have a super day!

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