Contact Merge Feature

Merge two Contacts into one

This feature enables you to merge one or multiple contacts into one, transferring all contact information into one main contact. 

Please note that this feature can Not merge any contact from an external feed into another contact. In other words, this feature is used for duplicate contacts that have been created manually and did Not sync through with a feed, to merge them with the contacts that are linked to a feed. 

  • Step 1 - Search the name of the contact from the contacts dashboard
  • Step 2 - Select one or more contacts, then a merge button will appear, click on that
  • Step 3 - Now choose the contact that you would like the other contact/s to be merged into

If you have an active data feed, the main contact will have a RAMS, PayProp or Rentalconnect icon next to it. After selecting the contacts to merge, select the contact that is linked to an active feed from the pop-up box. 

  • Step 4 - Select the contact you want the others to be merged into
  • Step 5 - Select the 'archive selected contacts after merge' option, the system will automatically archive those contacts and the main contact will be the only one remaining and linked to all entities. 

When the merge contacts have been completed, the system will automatically update the contacts that are linked to asset groups, assets, service providers, inspection, tickets, to the target contact that was chosen.

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