The Ticket process

The process of the Tickets lifespan on Red Rabbit. 

The main purpose of a Maintenance Tickets in RedRabbit is to act as a folder of all information related to a specific Maintenance Event. 


Tickets will usually be opened due to tenants reporting issues, general upkeep requested from the landlord, or maintenance needed that resulted from an inspection. The ticket will then be opened and remain open while in the process of listing and reporting the issues to the landlord or tenant, requesting quotes, assigning a service provider, sending a job card, and sending emails and SMS's to keep the communication flowing. 

Resolved (Unresolved)

The unresolved status indicates that the ticket is still in its early stages and the work related to the issues logged still has to be resolved.

The resolved status indicates that the issue pertaining to that ticket has been repaired and or sorted out. 

There might still be associated issues that need attending such as the billing and payment of the service provider for example or feedback needed from the landlord or tenant that indicates they are satisfied with the results. At this stage, the ticket will be open and resolved, but not yet closed. 
(when a ticket has not been marked resolved, it will remain unresolved, even if a ticket has been closed)


The closed status indicates that all actions associated with the ticket have been dealt with, all parties are happy and that there is nothing left to follow up on or to be reminded about.

How to use the filters effectively from the Maintenance Tickets dashboard:

  • Open / Closed - select and deselect
  • Advanced filters - select and deselect Resolved and Unresolved

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