Sign Up Process

The Sign-Up process
Here are the steps that will guide you through the easy online sign-up. Click on the images to enlarge. 
Step 1: Make sure you are not already logged into another RedRabbit Account. If you are you can either log out or use a private window. 
Step 2: Go to the registration page: and complete your details. 
Step 3: Click on the link you will receive to verify your email and log in to the system 
Step 4: Once logged in Click on Setup Billing & complete your details & Click Subscribe 
Step 5: 

a) If you selected the Debit order, Click on Sign now to Sign online or Email the link to the person who must sign the debit order.

b) If you selected the annual subscription, you will receive an invoice. Once you send us proof of payment to,, we will Activate the account. 

Step 6: On the debit order Screen complete the details and accept the terms then click Authorize. 

Complete the OTP sent to your mobile and then click OK. 

Step 7: Registration is complete and you now have full access to the system. 

Our Customer Support Champion will contact you soon to kick off the onboarding process.

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