The Management Reporting Dashboard

The management reporting dashboard allows you as a manager to get a birds-eye view of what is going on in your business and where the risk areas are that you should investigate. 

Let's break it down section by section:

1) Ticket Movement Statistics

  • This chart shows you the movement of opening and closing tickets over the last couple of weeks.
  • The Redline and colored area indicates the total number of open tickets at the end of that week
  • The Green line indicates the number of tickets closed within that week
  • The Blue line indicates the number of tickets opened within that week
  • The Dotted Green line indicates the number of tickets that are open or closed but still unresolved

Ideally, you want to see the colored area of this graph become smaller and smaller which will indicate that on a weekly basis your users are closing/resolving more issues than new ones being logged. So for this to happen your solid green line should be above the blue line.

If you hover over a dot on a line it will show you the date of the end of that week as well as the number in a little popup as per the example for 13 March above.

2) Ticket priority distribution

  • This donut chart gives you an indication of the current distribution between low, medium and high priorities on all open tickets.
  • If you are doing well and managing maintenance as pro-actively as possible, then the high priority tickets should be at a minimum because high priority tickets are typically only emergency situations where there is no water or electricity, or where major damage has occurred.

3) Percentage overview

  • Inspections/Tickets Last Month indicates that the number is based on 1 month ago and the percentage is the difference between 1 month ago and 2 months ago.
    • As per the above example: 48 Inspections completed in April and 15.79% Less inspections done in March. 
    • As per the above example: 93 Tickets closed in April and 10.71% More tickets done in March 
    • This is based on all status categories of inspections and tickets 
  • Ticketless Properties shows you the percentage of properties that have never had a ticket loaded on the system
    • Ideally, you want this percentage to be as HIGH as possible
  • Inspectionless Properties indicates the percentage of properties where there has never been an inspection loaded. 
    • Ideally, you want this percentage to be as LOW as possible

4) Ticket Risks Cases

  • This table shows a list of the top 20 tickets that have been open longer than the reminder period set on your ticket settings 
    • The last column indicates the total amount of days that the ticket has been unresolved 
    • The risk tickets will appear on this list if it has exceeded its limit in the number of days allowed. High priority has a 7 day limit, Medium priority has a 14 day limit and Low priority a 28 day limit. 

5) User Ticket Stats

  • This table indicates the number of tickets opened for each user.
    • Open tickets assigned to that specific user
    • Unresolved tickets issues are still current
    • Resolved tickets are when the issue has been dealt with and fixed by the assigned service provider, but there is still payment or another minor matter to attend before the ticket can be closed
    • The average resolution time, put into days. This counts the day from when the ticket was opened until it has been resolved and calculates the average number of days that it takes the user to resolve tickets.

6) User Inspection Stats 

This table shows the productivity surrounding inspections done per user

    • Scheduled inspection should be dated in the future to establish a date to perform the inspection and upload it once complete
    • Overdue will be when an inspections scheduled date has expired. If 24 hours have passed from the scheduled date it will become overdue. This also means the inspection has not been uploaded and is still on the user's app.
    • Uploaded are inspections that have been completed and uploaded in the past 30 days. 

7) Most used service providers 

  • This table is to indicate the top 15 service providers that have been assigned to the most tickets (job cards) in the last 6 months 
    • Number of tickets assigned provides the number of tickets that have been assigned to a specific service provider in the last 6 months
    • The value of assigned tickets indicates the total amount that has been paid out to that service provider

8) Property Activity 

  • This table indicates the total number of tickets and inspections that have been opened on that property in the last 6 months 
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