Jobcards - How to task a Service Provider

In RedRabbit, you create Jobcards and send them to Service Providers (Contractors). The Jobcards contain instructions in terms of what needs to be quoted on or what needs to be done.

After the ticket has been created and all issues added, you can follow the steps below to create a jobcard and task a contractor.

1. Ensure the Tickets dashboard View is open (see example below)

2. Navigate to the ticket details panel and select the service provider icon (briefcase)

3. Fill in the necessary details on the service provider panel  ( Contracted value, Payment responsibility and Insurance details)

4. Click Select Service Provider and choose the applicable one from the drop down list

5. Click Jobcard (top right) and on the drop-down menu click Create

6. Select jobcard preferences by ticking the required options. Fill out any Special Instructions / Notes.

7. To email the jobcard directly to the selected Service Provider, click on Jobcard (top right) and on the drop  down menu click Send

8. To email the Jobcard to any other recipient, go to the documents panel and click Email

Alternative options / Notes

  • If another issue/s is added create a new Jobcard
  • If you want to get a different quote or just use another person for the job, go to the service provider panel and click Change Services Provider and choose a new one. Then re-create the jobcard.
  • Please note, if an issue is actioned as No Action, it will not reflect on the Jobcard
  • Add photos to each Issue under the ticket story. These photos will then be included on the Jobcard. If the Ticket was opened with items taken from an Inspection, it will automatically use the photo's recorded in the inspection.

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