FAQ - How to Locate the PDF Inspection report

Learn how to easily generate a PDF inspection report and Email that to your tenant and/or landlord.
  1. Navigate to the Inspection dashboard > Select View from the Inspection list
  2. Select Options > Generate Report or Custom Report 
  3. On the Details Panel on the left of the screen, select the Documents folder tab as indicated below. 
  4. To open the document, click on the inspection name next to the PDF Icon. (Hold your cursor on the name until underlined and click on it, as below.) The document will be displayed in the PDF Viewer.
  5. To send the report to a Contact, click on the Email button and complete the Email form. The report will automatically be attached to the Email.

  • To view the PDF document, navi\gate to the document folder and hover over the saved file, click on it and it will open up. 

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