Release Notes and Migration Guide for Existing Users

If you have been an existing RedRabbit user and have recently upgraded to the new RedRabbit, then this article is for you. This is where you can quickly see what the major differences are between old and new and where to find stuff in the new RedRabbit release.

Terminology Changes

The following terminology changes have been introduced with effect from this release:

  • Contractors have been changed to Service Providers
  • Tenants and Landlords are Contacts of type Landlord or Tenant
  • Inspections Allocated are now Inspections Scheduled
  • Inspections Done are now Inspections Uploaded

The following new features and changes have been introduced with effect from this release:


  • Major performance improvements
  • Super simple & paperless signup process
  • Simpler easy to use user interface & navigation structure
  • Integrated knowledge base with help articles
  • Mobile responsive design
  • Stay logged in for 7 days at a time
  • Relevant daily & weekly summaries with the ability to go straight to that ticket or inspection from the email

Users & Permissions

  • Flexible user permissions structure
  • Ability to select a user role

RedRabbit Inbox

  • Ability to manage mailboxes & their permissions
  • Powerful inbox with the ability to save draft emails and send later, and move items to a done box.
  • Easily see if an email has failed to deliver
  • Ability to reply to emails from within your own outlook / Gmail inbox
  • Ability to send email without opening a new ticket first


  • Ability to reuse contacts (single contact can be linked to multiple properties as a landlord or tenant)
  • Ability to specify CC email addresses on contacts so that they always get CC'd in emails
  • Asset Groups can have multiple documents & contacts

Maintenance Tickets

  • Super simple and easy to use ticket dashboard with a comprehensible ticket story timeline 
  • Update notifications for any activity in the activity log.
  • Ability to search and filter all activities for the ticket in one unified log

Quotes & Invoices

  • Redesigned Quote / Invoice generation structure that makes it very quick to create a new quote or invoice


  • Super powerful inspection reminders dashboard to see which properties have inspections due
  • Ability to customize available inspection types
  • Flexible & user-friendly Inspections dashboard
  • Ability to upload multiple photos for a single item simultaneously
  • Ability to sort inspection areas & items with drag & drop
  • Unlimited signatures per inspection
  • Inspection report colour selection. (Select the background & text colour for your inspection report headers)
  • Ability to export photos for a given inspection to a zip file that you can store on your computer
  • Full Audit trail for each and every inspection
  • Crazy powerful comparison reporting (Including Photos)
  • Ability to see click through to tickets opened for a specific item on the inspection
  • Ability to move an inspection to another property
  • Ability to email / SMS a contact directly from the inspection

Menu Map between the OLD and new RedRabbit

In the map below we have included the old menu map as well as where to find the same feature in the new RedRabbit just in case you battle to find something.

Home screen Tabs

  • Dashboard tab -> Select Dashboard from the main menu
  • Inbox tab -> Select Inbox from main menu

Main Menu

  • Maintenance Tickets - Select Tickets from the main menu
    • Unresolved - Tick check box on Ticket list
    • Resolved - Tick check box on Ticket list
    • Completed - Click the predefined filter
    • View ALL - Un-click predefined filter
    • Saved Replies - From main menu select Inbox -> Saved Replies
  • Inspections - Select Inspections from the main menu
    • Allocated - Use the Scheduled filter
    • Inspections Done - Use the Uploaded filter
    • Completed - Use the Completed filter
    • View ALL - Enable all 3 filters. By default Scheduled & Uploaded is selected when the list is opened.
  • Portfolio Data - Select Portfolio Data from the main menu
    • Contractors -> Service Providers
    • Asset Groups -> Asset Groups
    • Properties -> Properties
    • Tenant Records -> Contacts
    • Quotes and Invoices -> From the main menu select Tickets -> Quotes and Invoices
  • My details - Click on the User Profile icon
  • Settings
    • Company details - User Profile icon -> Company Setting
    • Maintenance Settings - Tickets -> Options drop down -> Settings
    • Inspections Defaults - Inspections -> Options drop down -> Settings
    • Users - User Profile icon -> Company Setting -> Users
    • Portfolios - User Profile icon -> Company Setting -> Portfolios
    • Invoices - User Profile icon -> Company Setting -> Billing
  • Help - Click on red round Help beacon at the bottom right
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