Home Dashboard

When you log in to RedRabbit, the Home Dashboard is displayed as shown below:

From the Home Dashboard you can:

  • Get to know RedRabbit - use this tips panel to navigate directly to an article that will explain how to use some of the basic functions such as Setting up Company details, Creating Mailboxes, Loading Properties, Logging Tickets, and Scheduling Inspections. Note - the tips panel can be hidden by clicking on the Hide icon. It can also be re-enabled from the User Profile notification setup panel.
  • Follow-up Reminders - view a list of all Ticket follow-up reminders that are due based on the Ticket Reminder date. From the drop-down menu option you can:
    • View Ticket - use this option to navigate to the Ticket dashboard (>)
    • Postpone to tomorrow - use this option to reset the reminder date to tomorrow (bell icon)
    • Show All User's Reminders - select or deselect this option to view only your reminders or all user's reminders
  • Stats Cards - use these cards to easily see some company level stats and then click on the Card to open a pre-filtered list displaying the detail on which the stat is based:
    • Open Tickets - display a list of all open tickets (resolved or unresolved)
    • Unresolved Tickets - display a list of all unresolved tickets
    • Close Tickets - display a list of all closed tickets
    • Scheduled Inspections - display a list of all scheduled inspections
    • Inspections to Review - display a list of all inspections that have been done and uploaded and are ready for review
    • Inspection Reminders - display a list of all inspection reminders where inspections are due based on reminders set on the Property.
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