Quotes and Invoices on Tickets 2022

How to create a quote or invoice

If you want to provide a Maintenance Service to your Landlords and Tenants, you can use the Quotes and Invoices feature of RedRabbit to compile and send Quotes and Invoices. Quotes and Invoices are linked to a specific Maintenance Ticket.

This is a quick view of how to create an invoice or quote. 

We do recommend that you go to settings, as explained further down, and first set-up and customize the company details for the quote and invoice before starting to use it. 

To get a step by step explanation, take a look at the below.

Note the following:

  • New Quotes and Invoices are created from the Ticket Dashboard
  • A list of Quotes and Invoices for all Tickets is available from the Ticket List

How to customize quote and invoice settings:

Before compiling any quote or invoice, you might want to customize some of the settings that will affect the look and feel of the compiled documents. You can do this as follows:

  1. Select Tickets from the main menu to display the Ticket List
  2. On the Ticket List, click on the Quotes and Invoices button to display the List of Quotes and Invoices (see example below)
  3. From the Options drop-down, select Settings to open the Quotes and Invoices Settings form
    1. Click on the logo placeholder to upload a logo to be used. This can be different from your normal company logo.
    2. Complete the information on the fields provided
    3. Remember to enter Quote Terms and Invoice Terms. These will be displayed on the compiled quote and invoice documents.
  4. Click Save

From the List of Quotes and Invoices, as shown above, you can:

  • Filter (Quotes / Invoices) - click on these pre-defined filter buttons to view either a list of invoices or a list of quotes
  • Search - use this field to find a specific quote or invoice
  • View Ticket - click to open the Ticket dashboard for the Maintenance Ticket that the quote or invoice is linked to. Note that the Quotes and Invoices panel will automatically be opened and displayed on the right of the dashboard.
  • View Document - click to open the associated quote or invoice pdf document if a document was compiled.
  • Options drop-down menu
    • Export Quotes - export all quotes to a CSV file that can be opened in Excel
    • Export Invoices - export all invoices to a CSV file that can be opened in Excel
    • Settings - use this feature to customize some aspects of the quotes and invoices document

How to create a new quote or invoice

New quotes or invoices are created for a specific Maintenance Ticket. Follow the steps below:

  1. Select Tickets from the main menu to display the Ticket List
  2. Use the filter and search fields to find the Ticket that you want to create a quote or invoice for
  3. Click View to open the Ticket dashboard
  4. From the Options drop-down select Quotes and Invoices to display the Quotes and Invoices panel for the Ticket
  5. Click on the New Quote / Invoice button at the top to open the New Quote / Invoice Details Form as shown below.
  6. On the Quote / Invoice details form (example below) you can:
    1. Select Type (Quote or Invoice)
    2. Status - use this drop-down to manage the status
    3. Select Contact - select the Landlord or Tenant from the drop-down list
    4. Due Date - the date on which the quote expires or payment is due on the invoice
    5. Auto Calculate VAT switch - if enabled, the system will calculate VAT and add that to the price on each line. To enable the auto-calculate switch go to Tickets > Quotes & Invoices > Options > Settings > fill in the VAT % > Save.
    6. Item List - this is the list of items. Click Create Line to add a new line item and to update the Totals at the bottom. If you click on any Item, an Item Edit section will open where you can edit the Item details as shown below. When you have completed the updates, click Update Item to save the details and update the Totals.
    7. Notes - add general notes
    8. Delete quote - click to delete the quote and follow the confirmation prompts
    9. Compile quote/invoice - click to compile a pdf quote or invoice document. The document will automatically be saved under the documents folder on the quotes and invoices form from where it can be sent to any contact via email.
    10. Save - Click to save changes made on the top section of the form.

Item Edit section when you click on any Item

Just a little extra tip if needed. Adding a line to deduct an amount on the invoice.

The Quotes and Invoices Document Repository

Click on the Documents tab to open the Documents repository as shown below. From this repository (see example below) you can:

  • Click to upload a document - click to upload any document from your desktop
  • Edit - click to change the document name
  • Share - click to open an email form with the document attached that can be used to send the document to a contact
  • Delete - click to delete a document

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