Maintenance Tickets in RedRabbit explained

The main purpose of a Maintenance Ticket in RedRabbit is to act as a folder of all information related to a specific Maintenance Event. Examples of maintenance events are:

  • Adhoc calls logged by Tenants to report problems
  • Maintenance Requests from Landlords related to the general upkeep of the property
  • Maintenance resulting from Inspections done at the property

A typical maintenance ticket will typically consist of the following main components:

  • A list of Contacts related to the Property and the ticket such as the Landlord, the current Tenant, Service Providers that are being called upon to assist.
  • A list of Issues that require attention where an Issue will typically be described in terms of its location, the item, the item's condition, the next action to be taken.
  • A chronological list of actions taken to manage the reported issues in consultation with all the stakeholders such as the landlord, the tenant, contractors and so on. This list of actions might include Email and SMS Correspondence, telephone discussions, actions taken to task service providers, etc. This is called as Ticket Story in RedRabbit.
  • A list of all related documents. These might include job cards sent to various service providers, quotes received, photos received, etc.

In order to manage a Maintenance Ticket to conclusion, we need to have the capability:

  • to prioritise (high, medium, low) in terms of the severity of the issue
  • to task a Service Provider via a Jobcard
  • to communicate effectively via Email and / or SMS to keep all stakeholders in the loop
  • to specific a date on which to follow-up on the issue
  • to indicate the status (Resolved, Completed, Archived)

The difference between a Maintenance Ticket and a Jobcard

A Jobcard is specifically used to take a Service Provider. It is only one of the components of a Maintenance Ticket. A jobcard is for a specific Service Provider and will typically include the following:

  • The Property Address details
  • The Tenant Contact Detail
  • Specific Instructions on what needs to be done with reference to each issue
  • Supporting Information such as general comments and / or photos

Note - a Maintenance Ticket may have multiple Jobcards for example:

  • Jobcard to Service Provider 1 for a Quote
  • Jobcard to Service Provider 2 for a Quote
  • Jobcard to Service Provider 1 to execute on the part of the quote that was approved by the Landlord

When is it appropriate to open a New Maintenance ticket rather than use an existing one?

  • Try to use one Maintenance Ticket per Service Provider. For example, when an Inspection is done and multiple issues are reported, it will be good to categorise the issues in terms of Handyman type issues, electrical issues, plumbing issues and then open separate maintenance tickets for the issues in each of these categories.
  • For the purposes of getting quotes, it is OK to use the same ticket and different Service Providers to elicit quotes. However when Service Providers are finally tasked to restore or repair issues, it will be prudent to stick to the rule of a separate ticket per service provider.
  • When new issues are reported that was not part of the original set of issues when the ticket was created, it will be better to rather open a new ticket in order to maintenance the integrity of the original ticket scope and associated stats in terms of response and restore times.
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