FAQ - How do I load new Users

The following user roles are available in RedRabbit: 

(the roles are based on the permissions granted on the system for that specific user and can be individually edited)

  • Account Owner - this is the person who registered the company to use RedRabbit. There can only be one Account Owner.
  • Manager - this person would have all the rights that the account owner has, full system and settings access. 
  • Administrator - this is the person who would normally be responsible for the management of Inspection Results and/or Maintenance requests and tickets on the desktop. 
  • Agent - this is the person who will typically be conducting the Inspections on the App and reviewing the results on the desktop. For some businesses, the agent might also be responsible for the management of the Maintenance in which case additional permissions can be enabled for the user.
  • Inspector - this is the person who will be conducting the Inspections only.

RedRabbit Users can be set up from Company Settings;

  1. Select the User Profile icon on the main menu bar.
  2. Select Company Settings from the drop-down menu. Note - you will only see these options if you have been given Company Settings permission by the Account Owner or Manager. 

   3. Click on the Users tab on the left to display the User panel as shown below. 

  • Add User - click to register a new user and to set up user permissions for the user. Fill in the boxes and select the 'Send an Invite email' option.
    • Role - the roles are their position in the company based on what their responsibilities are on the system with regards to their access permissions. Refer to the 'Roles' explanation at the top of this article. 
    • Contact info - new users contact information
    • Mailbox - select the preferred RedRabbit Mailbox for the user. To create a new mailbox for this user, first, add one. How to create a new Mailbox
    • Send an invite email - select this option to send the new user an invitation to their Email address filled in on the details box. Once the email has been received, click on the 'Accept Invite' option and choose a password.
  • View - click to open the User configuration form from where you can change user information and permissions. 
  • Click here to read more about the Portfolios and Permissions
  • Click to read more about the Profile settings

Note: A standard RedRabbit license normally includes 5 users. When this limit is reached, additional users can be purchased after which the User Limit will be adjusted. You will then be able to add new users until the new adjusted number of users is reached.

Each Role given to a user has specific Permission, as per below under Portfolio & Permissions you can customize the settings.

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