Company Settings in RedRabbit

Company Settings

To access the Company Details panel:

  1. Select the User Profile icon on the main menu bar
  2. Select Company Settings from the drop-down menu. Note - you will only see these options if you have been given Company Settings permission by the Account owner.

  3. The Company panel is the default panel to be displayed as shown below.

On the Company Details panel, you can;

  • Click on the Logo to select a different Logo.
  • Change the general company and contact information. 
  • Edit - to edit the company address information
  • Save - remember to click on the Save button when you have changed anything on this panel.

On the Billing details panel, you can;

  • View monthly statements & invoices

On the Users details panel, you can;

  • Create New Users or Deactivate old ones
  • Amend the basic user details

On the Portfolio details panel, you can;

  • Create a new Portfolio/s 
  • Link users to each Portfolio, based on who needs permission to view which Portfolio

  • Go to Portfolio data > Properties > select Properties belonging to one Portfolio > click on the Bulk Update option > select the corresponding Portfolio to link the properties too. 

On the Mailbox details panel, you can;

  • Create a new Mailbox (choose the wording in the space before the domain) eg.
  • Edit > add your email signature

  • Go to Users to give that specific user the permission to access that Mailbox and link it to their profile as their Default mailbox.

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